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Ontario Steel Industry, Ontario Industry & Steel
Stainless Steel cutting processSteel fabrication and production is a key foundation in many industries. The standard metallic material is used virtually everywhere in our lives. Industries in Ontario are no exception to the matter. There are countless number of companies in Ontario which deal with steel or other metallic materials daily. These materials are the core requirements in creating the products which are the proud results of many companies in Ontario.

Controlling Steel
But in order for steel to be helpful, it has be to cut into proper shapes and forms. Steel can pretty much be useless most companies when it is in a sheet or a block form. Since steel it is a sturdy material, it isn't possible for companies to simply form it into a desired shape on a whim. This is why companies turn to professional profile cutting companies such as Advanced Profiles Limited to get the job done.

Professional profile cutting equipmentSteel Cutting Specialist
Advanced Profiles specializes in cutting steel or other industry standard metallic materials such as aluminum into the requested shape. If you need a specific part for your machinery, Advanced Profiles will be able to cut a sheet or block of metal into your exact specifications. Depending on your company's requirements, Advanced Profiles Limited is able to provide a plasma or waterjet cutting service, allowing you to control the method of production and receive the exact end result which you require.

Profile Cutting Methods
Plasma cutting, for example, is ideal for projects which require high-speed production and unique request such as bevel cutting. Waterjet cutting allows for flexibility in materials and can support any height that meets the equipment's clearance level. Advanced Profiles will recommend the perfect method for your project requirements and explain exactly what the pros and cons would be, allowing you to make an informed decision based on facts.

Waterjet profile cutting exampleEducating Yourself With Profile Cutting
Before you make a decision, you should visit the Advanced Profiles website to learn more about their services. Located in Ontario, near the metropolitan Toronto area, Advanced Profiles Limited is also a logistically sound choice for those industries located in Ontario. When you get in touch with the professional staff members at Advanced Profiles, they will be able to show you exactly how they can manage your project and make the process as quick and easy as possible. For Advanced Profiles' contact information, please refer to the according section from their website.
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Stone is a difficult material to cut since it is both hard and brittle. Without the proper equipment, you can easily damage the expensive material. To find the expert who can handle the job, click here.
There are countless number of metal workers in a directory, so how can you find the right company? This website will be a good place to start on your search of a metal profiling company.
Bevel cutting is highly specialized service that few profile cutting companies are equipped to deal with. Advanced Profiles offers an expertise in the field of bevel cutting.
Plasma gouging is a lesser known approach to metal plate processing. However, as it is an extension of plasma cutting, it is assumes many of the same advantages as plasma cutting, as well as the ability to perform other functions.
Beveling with the use of plasma cutters is performed at the same time the metal is being cut, a definite time and cost savings for the client.
There are many approaches to precision cutting, specifically in regard to metal materials. The most common types include plasma cutters, laser cutters, and waterjet cutters.
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Profile Cutting


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151 Parr Blvd,   Bolton,   Ontario,   L7E 2Z8,   Canada